A Quickie Update (Finally!)

Halloo! Sorry for the long overdue post. I know I owe you guys a lot…. tsk tsk…

Anyhoo, I’ve been juggling a lot this past month: work (of course) and a personal project with my sisters.

What is this personal project? Well, we’ve always been discussing on putting up a blog for all our interests (cooking and anything DIY). All of us have separate blogs and all of us don’t get to update them quite often as we should…

How is this new venture any different? Well, we have “sister” power this time! Whoa! that’s cheesy… haha

We figured that we get things done when we stick together and so far we ARE getting things done.

You guys can check our blog out and tell us what you think!

Here’s to up-to-date blogs and new beginnings! Ciao!



  1. I came here via a link on themthreepees. 🙂 I can’t seem to see a link to that blog from this post though? It might help even more people find it!


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