Current Groupie Of: Sarah Polley and her “Take This Waltz” Crew

What can I say? Dammit! I love this film. From it’s understated take on infidelity (I was totally rooting for Seth Rogen the whole time!) to its natural dialogue–everything, I got quite taken with every frame of it! I loved how every bit of it made sense, the cinematography, the set–OH MY THE SET—, the costumes—OH MY THE COSTUMES—… Okay I think I should tame all the gushing a bit, before you guys put your computer’s to sleep our close this link… hehehe

The film is titled, “Take This Waltz”, written and directed by Canadian actress Sarah Polley.  A follow-up feature from her debut film “Away From Her”, this film takes a look on how the loving relationship between a young happily married couple falls apart. Margot, a freelance writer, (Michelle Williams) is happily married to Lou (Seth Rogen), a cook who’s coming up with a cookbook for chicken–and only chicken. Hehe. Thinking that this twenty-something couple’s relationship is for keeps, Margot sets out for a writing job to Nova Scotia wherein she meets Daniel (Luke Kirby), an artist who drives a rickshaw to fund his art. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. All gets complicated when they find out they’re neighbors! YES NEIGHBORS! Now you get the picture. Aside from the stellar performance of the cast with a very well-portrayed role by Sarah Silverman as Seth Rogen’s sister, this film a must watch!

I think you should see the film for yourself and see what all my gushing and all the buzz the critics have been giving this film are all about.

Here are a couple of yummy stills… 😀 I think the whole set and wardrobe have a hipster feel to it too! WHICH I TOTALLY LURVE!!! ❤

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Photo Credits: (Interview with the film’s production designer, Matthew Davies)

SRS (Some Random Stimulation) : The Book Cover Archive

I’d like to share a current inspiration minefield! The Book Cover Archive ! I’ve stumbled upon this lovely archiving site, while I was on a slump. Trying to crack my brain for some book cover ideas for a commissioned work from a client. It was an “Aaaah-Heavens-crack-open-with-the spotlight-on-you” moment when I came across this lovely website. It opens up ideas for you to execute your very own covers. It’s pure love. Hope you guys can draw inspiration for this too! 😀

Some covers I loved from the bunch!