A Quickie Update (Finally!)

Halloo! Sorry for the long overdue post. I know I owe you guys a lot…. tsk tsk…

Anyhoo, I’ve been juggling a lot this past month: work (of course) and a personal project with my sisters.

What is this personal project? Well, we’ve always been discussing on putting up a blog for all our interests (cooking and anything DIY). All of us have separate blogs and all of us don’t get to update them quite often as we should…

How is this new venture any different? Well, we have “sister” power this time! Whoa! that’s cheesy… haha

We figured that we get things done when we stick together and so far we ARE getting things done.

You guys can check our blog out and tell us what you think!

Here’s to up-to-date blogs and new beginnings! Ciao!


Random Weekend Post:)

It’s Sunday. A rainy Sunday at that. Quite full from our recent binge during dinner. Of mouth-watering grilled big mouth burgers, grilled herbed potatoes and nachos. All lovingly homemade.:) Ang sarap talaga pag weekends. My mom hasn’t stopped comparing the spread to Army Navy’s or with whatever pricey resto there is that serve the same. Wala daw tatalo, hanep!   It has always been like this during weekends, regardlessof our many agreements on having a diet or watching what we eat—which wetend to break. Haha. I guess nothing beats home cooking—delicious home cooking at that. Hehehe. No pictures? I know right. I guess we were just too busy gobbling up the food that no one even remembered to take photos. Hehe.

Anyway, why am I babbling about this current weekend. I guess I’m just stoked for the next week’s weekender getaway. For those of you who don’t know, we’re going out of the country. Well, minus the parentals. It’s a spur of the moment thing together with my sisters and a couple of  our other friends. A very first away from our beloved Philippines. Where are we going you may ask? We’re off to Malaysia (truly asia—I just had to add that in, hehehe). Currently researching on what we are to do there. Any suggestions? feel free to place suggestions if you could we’re going a bit blank… No exact plans. Well, I guess we’re going rogue.. hehehe maka-pagPenang nga! hahaha..



****Disclaimer: Random post. Missed blogging. So thought of posting something.****

it’s alive.

11:26 – typing away on my sister’s notebook.

A friend who I met on one of the blogger events messaged me early this week, asking if she could be a guest blogger on my blog. (wow that was a mouthful of the word blog.. bleh :P) Anyway, currently my so-called blog is gathering dust.. heck it’s been sleeping in the net for about a year now. I had to embarrassingly admit to her this and had to decline. Oopsie.

Well, what’s the point of mentioning this? It got me thinking.. Whaaat da heck happened?  Whazziz? I started out blogging from an idea of chronicling anything that floats my boat. I’ve had a ton of ideas on what to post and all that. But ideas are only ideas.. realizing those ideas, on the other hand, takes work. Well obviously i failed on that department.. an epic failure. (eew, forgive my turning this into a reflection paper.. bleh )

So now for the new year (ooh anytime now it’ll be a new year for the Chinese.. haha) I’m trying to do the dirty work. I may not promise on putting up posts everyday or every week. Believe me I’ve tried that when I was young, it won’t be long till you post on every minute detail in your life–vanity is not my cup of tea. Doing that also drags you into laziness.. blogging turning into work rather than a leisure.

Or maybe that’s the quarterlife talking… I’m looking for more purpose out of this.. or maybe out of the randomness some inspiration comes out of it. (what? am i making any sense? my apologies for rambling.. )

Anyway, with all that rambling out of the way, I’m redesigning this blog. Redirecting it to something better. This blog is coming alive.

I AM coming alive.


when i decided to make a book…

a lookbook.. that is.

Got into the sudden “fashion docu” frenzy, cause a good friend sent me an invite. It’s a good distraction though… it occurred to me how self conscious I am (for those people who know me I’m not into taking self-portraits) I’d rather take others photos. I’m weird that way…

Here are a couple of my newbie looks..

Well, so much for being “self-conscious” huh?

I bet you’d also fall in love with “très belle” looks from other lookbookers.. I sure did.

La Sensible M.
Robynne M.

Nancy Z.