KC (Kooky Cookery): The Week I Decided to Make My Holiday Gift

I’ve been wanting to make Honeycomb Toffee  since I watched Nigella Lawson (Long live the Domestic Goddess!)  one time in her show Nigella Express. It looked pretty fun and easy to do..NOT! Well, I don’t know. Maybe for some people making this candy dessert’s a breeze. But for me! Oh golly it’s not! I’ve gone through 4 attempts.. 3 of which are ghastly epic failures!

Attempt #1 : Christmas Eve  Ang yabang! I felt so confident I’ll make a perfect batch the first try. And have boxes of these goodies in time for tomorrow Christmas celebration.. The outcome was perfect. It bubbled up just as expected. I transferred it into my tin pans to set. Felt quite good about the lot!

Attempt #2: Christmas Eve (a few mins. after I made my first batch) —Feeling confident about my first batch, I decided on doubling the recipe and made the second batch, without even waiting for the first batch to set.

Result of #1 & #2= FAIL!  —I had a bad feeling about the batches as I was waiting for them to set. Around 3 hours have passed and the foam was still wet. The first batch was still soft and sticky in the middle while the second one was all foamy and soggy. Kadiri! 

Attempt #3: 5:oopm Today —Having watched all the youtube videos I could find about the Toffee, I braved for a third try. They say third try’s the charm–NOT! It got worse this time. I miscalculated the heat of the stove and the size of the pan that the mixture spilled all over.. The mixture was so burnt it was crazy unedible.. Elk!

Attempt #4: 8:30pm Today —With much curiosity if I could still pull it off, I made my fourth attempt! Tried reducing the recipe to a smaller serving, so I wouldn’t waste too many precious ingredients! Grabe the suspense! But I finally made it! The outcome didn’t look bad after all! Tasted fine too! Though I think I really need that cookie sheet so the candy won’t stick. Hehehe

The week I decided to make my holiday gift

After all the hard work and failed attempts, and after tasting the end result, I decided against making this as my holiday gift!

All this work for nothing no?

Why you may ask?

I found the candy too sweet and the taste was all that–pure sweetness. Nothing more.

With that, I’m eyeing on a new holiday giveaway….

Yes This IT! My Holiday Giveaway to be! English Toffee!

Will have to pay close attention to the recipe and video this time! Fingers-crossed I’ll have a lovely batch to giveaway this New Year’s! Watch out for it Lovies! 😀